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Celebrities Don’t Get Sick of Losing We all love when celebrities get involved in political issues. Leonardo DiCaprio likes to step-up for the environment. Mark Ruffalo generates fake footage of tap water being set on fire to increase his points about the dangers of fracking. Emma Watson stands up for women by spreading lies about wage gaps and rapping with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Shailene Woodley tells… Continue reading Celebrities Don’t Get Sick of Losing

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Yes, Hamilton. There IS an Electoral College

Recently, a new organization has cropped up all over the media landscape and they're getting quite a bit of attention. The group is called Hamilton Electors and they are made up (as far as I can tell) of a tiny handful of members of the Electoral College who are both born without genitalia and devoted to… Continue reading Yes, Hamilton. There IS an Electoral College

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Time to Bunker-Up, Bunkeroos!

With the Election 2016 kinda over, the continuing shit storm of hurt feelings is going strong until the inauguration...THE CLASSIEST SUPER FANTASTIC INAUGURATION ALL TIME--IT WILL MAKE THE INAUGURATION OF ANDREW JACKSON LOOK LIKE A SAD KID’S BIRTHDAY PARTY AT CHUCK E CHEESE!!!! (Sorry for that) But with our first meme President coming to power,… Continue reading Time to Bunker-Up, Bunkeroos!

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Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 18: Maximum Pounds

The big ol' election episode of #RTR, featuring the only candidate running for PA State Rep whose name sounds like British Currency, Mr. Bill Pounds! We cover his plans for the district as well as the SEPTA strike, local attitudes, school district problems, and, perhaps most importantly, favorite sandwich shops! We've got a special message from the… Continue reading Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 18: Maximum Pounds

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Vote for Yourselves (For All I Care)

First thing's fucking first, I get it--this election has been pretty nuts. Not unpredictably nuts, but a level of bizarre we can all deal with, should we be mentally stable individuals. Most of us aren't. And it seems that you guys--gentle readers--are almost certainly more out-of-touch than any of the current candidates are. But, having said… Continue reading Vote for Yourselves (For All I Care)

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Heavy Handed Heroes & Don King With 7 weeks left until Election Day, we're in the doubling-down zone for political theater. I don't care who anyone votes for because none of the current nominees seem likely to accomplish anything that I deem personally favorable, or ethically righteous. Putting the 3rd Parties aside--no, voting for a 3rd party is not throwing your vote… Continue reading Heavy Handed Heroes & Don King

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Stop Mandatory Sentencing

It can not be over-stated that the entire population cares very deeply about rape and sexual assault. We are constantly searching for way to drive the numbers down, and whether it is by sheer luck or the result of such measures, rape and sexual assault are at one of the lowest points in history. That… Continue reading Stop Mandatory Sentencing

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Ron Paul: Nazi Creationist?

When I first learned of the existence of Ron Paul, I was legitimately excited--and rightly so! Along comes a political figure into the mainstream who reflects a decent Libertarian ideology of Constitutionalism and Freedom...but like graduating from college, my unparalleled optimism was soon crushed into a fine paste. The first element that killed my boner… Continue reading Ron Paul: Nazi Creationist?

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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Rocks the Casbah

If you haven't had your head buried in the proverbial sand the past few weeks, you'd be semi-aware that there's turmoil in the fertile crescent. Is it the fertile crescent? Maybe not, but you understand where I'm going with this, hopefully. The big news is Iran's recent election and I have to say, I'm getting… Continue reading Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Rocks the Casbah

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From My Cold, Dead Hands

"For the next six months, Al Gore is going to smear you as the enemy. He will slander you as gun-toting, knuckle-dragging, bloodthirsty maniacs who stand in the way of a safer America. Will you remain silent? I will not remain silent. If we are going to stop this, then it is vital to every… Continue reading From My Cold, Dead Hands