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A Scintillating Scenario at CPAC 2020

In the midst of the sociopolitical and medical scare of the Chinese Coronavirus, thousands of Conservatives of various age groups convened for the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in DC. It was a fun and, at times, chaotic event, but also happened to be my first time attending, so I thought I’d share the… Continue reading A Scintillating Scenario at CPAC 2020

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Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 201 Welcome back to Rox Trash Radio / Independent Philly's mischief lands me in Facebook Jail / The people in your neighborhood / Learning together / A look back on the goings-on since election day 2016 / Screaming at the sky in Philly / Octavius Catto and the myth of the switch / Let's play… Continue reading Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 201

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Disney Pre-9/11 Video Vault: 3 Ninjas

The year is 1992. The President of the United States, George H.W. Bush had been filmed vomiting in the lap of the Prime Minister of Japan. America saw that happen. To his credit, he also met with the President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, to officially bring the Cold War to a close. But to his demise,… Continue reading Disney Pre-9/11 Video Vault: 3 Ninjas

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 77: The Wheel of Pain

With news, pop culture and more...This is the beginning of our New Years integration of the WHEEL OF PAIN! Video is integrated with this podcast, so LIKE us on Facebook! The Golden Globes were harsh and now it's time to pay the piper. Thank you all for listening to this soundboard-heavy episode of TALKING NERDY!!!… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 77: The Wheel of Pain

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What We’re Listening To (12/5/11)

The Black Keys--El Camino In this Danger Mouse-produced follow-up to "Brothers," The Black Keys seems to be doing something a little different, and that's great. A few people may see this as a complete transgression from their previous work, but I totally dig it. The Black Keys have an eclectic sound which enables them to… Continue reading What We’re Listening To (12/5/11)

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The Coolest Guy in the World (of the moment)

from eonrogue. As outstanding and in-fucking-credible as this is, you have to wonder how long it took him to master all of these stunts and what he could have been doing instead. Somewhere out there are a neglected family, friends, and...wait...who am I kidding?

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Amy Schumer Pwns (of the moment)

from IFUCKYOUANDYOURSISTA. I guess we all watched the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen. I didn't know so many people watched this shit, but I guess that's why they keep doing more. The Internets are atwitter (no pun intended) with hate, death threats, anger and bewilderment over comedian Amy Schumer's Steve-O joke at the Roast… Continue reading Amy Schumer Pwns (of the moment)

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Captain Planet, Mothafucka! (of the moment)

from FunnyorDie. Actor Don Cheadle surprises everyone as Captain Planet in this hilarious video short. I don't want to say too much about it, but it is one of the funniest things I've seen lately. Check it out...or I'll turn you into a fucking tree.

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Another Awful Ke$ha Clone (of the moment)

from ImAFreeBtch. This is the latest single from Zowie, a New Zealand pop singer attempting to capitalize on the horrible taste in music that has enveloped the iPod generation. It's incredible that people who actually know music are giving this song any value. I've listened to it twice already, just for the sake of this… Continue reading Another Awful Ke$ha Clone (of the moment)

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What are you laughing at? Main Street Comedy

Compared to the major comedy scenes like New York and Los Angeles, Philadelphia is a bit of a red-headed step child. It gets kicked around, picked on, and still tries its best to rise to notoriety. But good news, my beautiful ginger city--you're well on your way. Under the surface of Philadelphia's strong mainstream Art… Continue reading What are you laughing at? Main Street Comedy

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The People for Basil Marceaux

Surely--by now--you've seen, or at least heard about, the internet phenomenon called Basil Marceaux. What started as a Tennessee local news open forum for Marceaux to present his reasons why he should be elected Governor turned into a worldwide clusterfunny at his own expense. For those of you who haven't seen the "video that started… Continue reading The People for Basil Marceaux

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I AM A MOTHERFUCKER: The Dangers of Public Transportation

It's time for America's favorite game-show: GUESS WHAT HAPPENS! I shouldn't spoil it for you, but this breaking news story is just fucking crazy. Everything in this video comes together with the grace and beauty of an elegant poem: The old white giant wearing the "I AM A MOTHERFUCKER" t-shirt, the little Luda black guy… Continue reading I AM A MOTHERFUCKER: The Dangers of Public Transportation

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Beat Kids: The Day of the Balloon Boy

When one makes an effort to travel for vacation, casually keeping up with the news often becomes a secondary notion. I make it my business to try to keep up with current trends and events, but with the cesspool of non-news, celebrity horseshit, and George Takei on the Newlywed Game, I can't reasonably be expected… Continue reading Beat Kids: The Day of the Balloon Boy

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Celebrity Horseshit: “Nigga Stole My Mic!”

As long as it's a hot topic, let's discuss the actions of Kanye West during the MTV VMA's, shall we? First of all--the actions took place at an award ceremony so ridiculous and unimportant--a locale so prone to spectacle--that its entire title is an acronym. Even in its name, it is screaming, "This is an… Continue reading Celebrity Horseshit: “Nigga Stole My Mic!”

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10 Hardcore Sex Tips From the Hot Woman Next Door

Is your sex life getting boring with your partner? Here are 10 ways to spice up your sex life and I have to admit I have tried almost all of them! I guess that is why they call me "Wacky Lani!" 1. While walking in the mall parking lot pull down your pants and moon… Continue reading 10 Hardcore Sex Tips From the Hot Woman Next Door

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Porn Star Alexa Jordan Talks Dirty (with Ketchup!)

So most of you may wonder why I have such a strong feeling about the placement of ketchup in one's home? Well it's been a long fought argument in my house for over 2 years. I've had 3 sets of roommates and each time this is one of the first questions I ask of them...… Continue reading Porn Star Alexa Jordan Talks Dirty (with Ketchup!)

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An Open Letter to the Gay Community

Dear Sirs, Madams, and those elusive Sir/Madams, While I must admit that a majority of my knowledge about Gay Issues comes from movies (no, not those kind of movies) and various friends, associates, and those I've met throughout my scholastic and professional career. I'm not gay, nor have I ever had a homosexual experience...not that… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Gay Community

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Why John Mayer is the Most Awesome Person Ever…

...but Pretty Much Sucks as a Musician. John Mayer is the coolest person ever. Too bad his music is terrible. I lay out my case below. Why he is Awesome: 1. John Mayer is 6'3. Most people don't know he's this tall, therefore when people do meet him, they often say, "Wow, you're tall!" to… Continue reading Why John Mayer is the Most Awesome Person Ever…

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The Feeling You’re Feeling

I currently have this strange sensation inside the darkness that is my tummy. It's not's not even hungry. I think it may be partially hungry, but not wholly. The abstract emptiness that I'm feeling may be somewhat caused by the abundance of lukewarm Coca Cola I've been drinking. Perhaps my inner sanctum is trying to… Continue reading The Feeling You’re Feeling