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Space Force 6 (Chapter Excerpt)

THE REAL DOCTOR (Chapter ?) Draft Written by Alex Gross (copyright 2019) Doctor Thomas Fenton wasn’t a real doctor. Not really. He called himself “doctor,” signed documents as “Doctor,” and introduced himself to his second, and third wife as “doctor,” but he wasn’t really a doctor at all. It bothered him of course, that he… Continue reading Space Force 6 (Chapter Excerpt)

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On Life’s Major Disappointments

Following a severely damaging loss by the Phillies on Halloween night, I couldn't bring myself to feel much more than a long line of painful fucking disappointments. What's the old saying? "When life gives you lemons...kill yourself." This all spawned from one deep and emotional conversation involving a childhood memory and a long strand of… Continue reading On Life’s Major Disappointments

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Beat Kids: The Day of the Balloon Boy

When one makes an effort to travel for vacation, casually keeping up with the news often becomes a secondary notion. I make it my business to try to keep up with current trends and events, but with the cesspool of non-news, celebrity horseshit, and George Takei on the Newlywed Game, I can't reasonably be expected… Continue reading Beat Kids: The Day of the Balloon Boy