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‘Auto Shop’ Director’s Statement

Throughout my career as an independent filmmaker, I've maintained two philosophies: write and produce what you know, and only what you feel you can manage completely autonomously. I've seen many filmmakers--to varying success--bite off far more than they can chew; producing high concept action/horror films for relatively no budget, relying on the "Robert Rodriguez" method… Continue reading ‘Auto Shop’ Director’s Statement

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Perez Hilton Freak Out: Transcript

(Your first reaction should be "What? Who is Perez Hilton?" Unfortunately, it isn' know exactly who he is along with Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas. Well, I heard about this controversy today over his alleged assault by--not Will.I.Am--but, his manager. This was much less entertaining to hear; however, I waited a few more minutes,… Continue reading Perez Hilton Freak Out: Transcript