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Yuri Bezmenov and the Forgotten 1984

It was in February of 1970, a presumably cold and grey day in the former Soviet Union, that Yuri disguised himself as a cartoon hippie, complete with fake beard and shaggy hair, and joined a pro-commie tour group that allowed him to flee his homeland to Athens, Greece. After lengthy security checks by United States… Continue reading Yuri Bezmenov and the Forgotten 1984

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Russian Youth Fuck-a-Thon

How fucked are we when the so-called "freest country in the world" boasts some kind of moral high-ground from its conservative pedestal, rallying against the sexual freedom of its youth? Consider those in government who--the more liberal amongst us--would refer to as "fascists" for their stances on, well, let's be honest: fucking and drugs. Now,… Continue reading Russian Youth Fuck-a-Thon