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The Road to Star Wars: Episode IX

In my last Star Wars-heavy article, I put forth an honest and complete review of The Last Jedi. I can't fully comprehend the level of hatred the film is getting; but I think it's mainly based on what I referred to as "broken nostalgia" and perhaps a little bit of good ol' fashioned butt-hurt over not getting… Continue reading The Road to Star Wars: Episode IX

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‘Auto Shop’ Director’s Statement

Throughout my career as an independent filmmaker, I've maintained two philosophies: write and produce what you know, and only what you feel you can manage completely autonomously. I've seen many filmmakers--to varying success--bite off far more than they can chew; producing high concept action/horror films for relatively no budget, relying on the "Robert Rodriguez" method… Continue reading ‘Auto Shop’ Director’s Statement

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My Biggest Fear of 2016

The election hype is over, and yet, some folks out there cannot seem to let it go. Well let me tell you this: I ain’t even worried about it. That’s right, not one bit. On December 16th, 2016 I will face my greatest fear: What if Darth Vader isn’t utilized properly in Rogue One: A… Continue reading My Biggest Fear of 2016

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Pamela Adlon Wants “Better Things” for Us

Years ago, Pamela Adlon was the voice of Bobby Hill on TV's King of the Hill, but since then she's been working on a different kind of voice. After working with Louis CK on both Lucky Louie and FX's Louie, Adlon found her home, somewhere between the realms of comedy and tragedy. Here's hoping that Adlon's endeavor is more like Louie in… Continue reading Pamela Adlon Wants “Better Things” for Us

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Watson’s Review of ‘Prometheus’

Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” intrigues with its opening scene and sustains this right up until the end credits, perhaps even after this point: hours after seeing the film, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it. A semi-prequel to Scott’s science-fiction horror masterpiece “Alien,” it begins rather appropriately with the silent introduction of an extraterrestrial… Continue reading Watson’s Review of ‘Prometheus’

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Watson Reviews “The Adventures of TinTin”

“The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” is a master class in visual extravagance which should be attended by any filmmaker intending to create a spectacle; they may learn something. Teaching this master class are legendary director Steven Spielberg and cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, Spielberg’s photographing partner since 1993’s “Schindler’s List.” Together, they create… Continue reading Watson Reviews “The Adventures of TinTin”

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Watson Reviews Fright Night

“Fright Night” is a rare example of a remake that surpasses its original; it joins the ranks of recent examples such as Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed” and Matt Reeves’ “Let Me In,” though of course their superiority to their originals is just my opinion. The original “Fright Night,” which was written and directed by Tom… Continue reading Watson Reviews Fright Night

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I Love Movies, But I Hate Yours: Captain America, the First Avenger

It’s with the release of “Captain America: The First Avenger” that the superhero genre takes a well-deserved break until 2012. Earlier this year, the genre has offered us “The Green Hornet,” “Thor,” “Super,” “X-Men: First Class” and “Green Lantern,” which amounts to a bit of a mixed bag for 2011 superhero flicks. And if anything,… Continue reading I Love Movies, But I Hate Yours: Captain America, the First Avenger

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I Love Movies, But I Hate Yours: Piranha 3D

I don't think I have ever cringed or winced at a movie as much as I did while watching Piranha 3D. Almost every single frame is soaked in blood and most on-screen characters are covered head to toe in freshly bitten teeth marks. My shoulders stiffened and my eyeballs shrieked for help as they suffered… Continue reading I Love Movies, But I Hate Yours: Piranha 3D

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A Heavy Rain’s Gonna Come

Since a very young age, I've looked to the medium of electronic arts/digital media for hope, inspiration, and most of all--fun. Virtually all video games, if you don't count Minesweeper, used to unwaveringly be copious amounts of fun. The drawback, of course, was that they were all practically the same. Either you were playing Super… Continue reading A Heavy Rain’s Gonna Come

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Trailers of the Week: Memorial Day Edition

Before you start to fling about your rampant accusations, let me just say--in my defense--that I am inflicted with the most horribly debilitating of physical and psychological diseases. No, it's not Swine Flu. It's Summer Laziness. The symptoms of which are chronic procrastination, writer's block, and an ever-increasing ass-groove in what had once been a… Continue reading Trailers of the Week: Memorial Day Edition

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Trailers of the Week III: Gamers’ Edition!

Unfortunately, there aren't any decent new movie trailers to speak of. For this reason, I've decided to find three future Video Games that look appealing. Again, understand that these may turn out to be the worst games ever--but if their trailers hold up, they should be fucking awesome. 1. Rise of the Argonauts    … Continue reading Trailers of the Week III: Gamers’ Edition!