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The Deceptive Dystopia of the Wuhan CoronaVirus

The absurdist and hyperbolic response to the Wuhan Kung Flu CoronaVirus is a flamboyant display of post apocalyptic Communist cosplay at best, and a dangerous sociopolitical totalitarian exercise at worst.

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Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 205

We kick this episode off with Net Neutrality and why everything you heard is wrong / My 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' thoughts and review with spoilers / Turning to local politics with the rise of the Asians / Helen Gym embarrasses herself and wheels out a bewildered black woman on DemocracyNow / The 'Different… Continue reading Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 205

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The Day America Elected a Frog

Let's get one thing straight. Most of America doesn't vote; so before you gloat about "America wanted Trump" or "It appears Clinton won the popular vote, so clearly America wanted Clinton," understand the the vast majority of the country didn't give a fuck about either candidate; or at least not enough to push a button.… Continue reading The Day America Elected a Frog

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Disney Pre-9/11 Video Vault: First Kid

1996 was a big cultural year for America. We hosted the Atlanta Summer Olympics, which was subsequently bombed by terrorists, killing one person and injuring over 100 more; the first three-parent baby was conceived through mitochondrial donation in New Jersey, of all places; The Ramones played their final show while Bob Dole was officially nominated for President… Continue reading Disney Pre-9/11 Video Vault: First Kid

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Crazy Debate

There's no getting around the political fact that the Presidential Debates don't have much of an impact on the polls, or anyone's opinion of the candidates. I would argue further that who we choose to be President of the United States isn't a particularly significant decision either, but you guys seem to think it's an… Continue reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Crazy Debate

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An Open Letter to Americans

My Fellow Americans-- No, that's too formal... Hey, guys, what's up? That's better. We're about seven exciting weeks away from the next presidential election, and I'm not sure if you've noticed, but you guys are really letting it get to your heads. Between the endless protests and puffing up your chests on social media, you… Continue reading An Open Letter to Americans

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Doesn’t “Ban the Box” Sound Like Slut Shaming?

When you mention "Ban the Box" to anyone, you almost immediately have to launch into a defensive stance. Most logical people would certainly interpret the tragically-named civil rights initiative as some kind of counter-feminist movement at best, or an Islamic Male-Pride March at worst. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on actual data, "Ban the Box" is… Continue reading Doesn’t “Ban the Box” Sound Like Slut Shaming?

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 201: Father’s Day for Bastards

Taylor Swift is now Queen of Asgaard / Gun hysteria / Facebook debates are AIDS / The trial and error of making America great again, in Japan! / Walking Dead seems to be wasting a lot of everyone's precious time / Game of Thrones gives Joe visible goosies / Ghostbusters trailers get worse / Happy Father's Day from Matt… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 201: Father’s Day for Bastards

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 175: Mein Kampfortable Living

DOWNLOAD THE LATEST EPISODE HERE!! or on iTUNES and STITCHER RADIO You can't be a Catholic Atheist / Lego Land is coming to the Philly suburbs / Trump ain't Hitler / Ali A. Rizvi owns the Internet / Make your own Bernie Sanders / What not to say to a female Star Wars fan / George… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 175: Mein Kampfortable Living


Aww Skeet Skeet, Mr. President

In response to an interview that Barack Obama did for New Republic magazine in which he stated that he "always" goes skeet shooting at Camp David, an onslaught of Republicans cried "bullshit". This became the hot-button issue for a whole goddamn day. Nothing else seemed to matter.Has anyone seen the president shoot a gun? Pics… Continue reading Aww Skeet Skeet, Mr. President

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Lex Parsimoniae

Every generation realizes a new and compelling explanation for the easily explicable. For our parents, it was the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a bright, young, ailing superstar president caught between two worlds. For us, the tragedy of September 11th and the struggle with the notion that perhaps the simplest explanation wasn't the most plausible.… Continue reading Lex Parsimoniae

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Donald Trump: Genius or Chump?

Trump has been a media icon for decades. And while I have to give him props for graduating from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, and for having the wherewithal to effectively turn the company his father worked tirelessly to create into his own person piggy bank, I somehow doubt his honesty and credibility.… Continue reading Donald Trump: Genius or Chump?

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The Good, the Bad, and the Pope

Remember those good old days when the jokes about pedophilia in organizations like Catholicism and the Boy Scouts of America were harmless fun--if you had a decent sense of humor? Well, as it turns out, like Asian tourists and Church's Chicken, the Catholics and Scout Leaders seem to be working extremely hard to prove the… Continue reading The Good, the Bad, and the Pope

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What Do You Know About Slavery?

Race has certainly become a hot-button issue once again. Along with stereotypes and common prejudices, there are many ways by which people of various races and creeds can be misunderstood and misconstrued. It is important to learn the facts about a background in order to better understand a people; however, history--like individuals--can often be severely… Continue reading What Do You Know About Slavery?

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The Health Care Debate, as I Understand it

In layman's terms, the phrase "layman's terms" refers to an explanation given so that the average Joe can understand it. It is an idea explained (perhaps by an expert) in a manner that a layperson, or non-expert, can easily grasp. But seeing as how many of America's laypersons are out of work and uninsured, I… Continue reading The Health Care Debate, as I Understand it

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Hipster on S-E-P-T-A

Let me tell you the story Of a bearded Hipster and his tragic and fateful time... Hipster grabbed his bike and kissed his Vegan Girlfriend Went to ride on the Frankford Line Did he ever return, No he never returned And his fate is still unlearn'd He may ride forever On the Market-Frankford He's the… Continue reading Hipster on S-E-P-T-A

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Trailers of the Week: Memorial Day Edition

Before you start to fling about your rampant accusations, let me just say--in my defense--that I am inflicted with the most horribly debilitating of physical and psychological diseases. No, it's not Swine Flu. It's Summer Laziness. The symptoms of which are chronic procrastination, writer's block, and an ever-increasing ass-groove in what had once been a… Continue reading Trailers of the Week: Memorial Day Edition

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An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President, You probably don't know me. I tried to attend one of your big speeches on your Philadelphia tour. I couldn't get anywhere near you (or a speaker for that matter) and it took me about an hour to realize that the "line to get in" wasn't moving. I know you're a busy… Continue reading An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

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The War on The War on Drugs

Let me start off by saying that, in general, I think drugs are bad. Not the kind you get from your doctor, I'm not getting all Elron on you here....but recreational drugs. But let's face it. Lots of us do drugs. We drink at night, and have our coffee in the morning. Some of us… Continue reading The War on The War on Drugs

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Chimpanzee That!

In a recent article, I mentioned the ridiculous and intellectually offensive item in the news regarding a certain political cartoon. I know you're all sick of seeing it, but here it is: I don't know why, but I am extremely frightened by the outrage that this cartoon has caused. Actually, that's a lie. I know… Continue reading Chimpanzee That!

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11 Reasons Why John Adams Kicks Ass

Image via Wikipedia 11 Reasons why John Adams kicks ass. I've finally gotten my hands on the DVD of HBO's John Adams (Thanks, Chris). Now, I'm only through the first half, so this is not about why the miniseries kicks ass -- although, to be fair, it does so far. John Adams has always been… Continue reading 11 Reasons Why John Adams Kicks Ass

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The Feeling You’re Feeling

I currently have this strange sensation inside the darkness that is my tummy. It's not's not even hungry. I think it may be partially hungry, but not wholly. The abstract emptiness that I'm feeling may be somewhat caused by the abundance of lukewarm Coca Cola I've been drinking. Perhaps my inner sanctum is trying to… Continue reading The Feeling You’re Feeling

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From My Cold, Dead Hands

"For the next six months, Al Gore is going to smear you as the enemy. He will slander you as gun-toting, knuckle-dragging, bloodthirsty maniacs who stand in the way of a safer America. Will you remain silent? I will not remain silent. If we are going to stop this, then it is vital to every… Continue reading From My Cold, Dead Hands