Cardi B for Congress 2022

A long time ago, you may remember that hip hop superstar, Cardi B (born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar) began to make a "stank" over the reality of her taxable income. Surely, the transition from being a stripper and hustler, allegedly robbing and assaulting clients, to a multi-millionaire rapper, wife and mother was nothing short of a… Continue reading Cardi B for Congress 2022

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Hey, Celebrities…We Need to Talk You're frustrated, I get it. In a lot of ways, we're all frustrated. You have to deal with our nitpicking over every Blockbuster big-budget film you guys squirt out for a paycheck; and we have to deal with a mass media that obsesses over everything you guys say and do. We're both trying to… Continue reading Hey, Celebrities…We Need to Talk