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How far will Lady Gaga go on Superbowl Sunday?

After all of the hope and praying for an objectively superior Superbowl LI performance by Adele (or Taylor Swift, or whoever), it was announced back in September 2016 that Lady Gaga would be taking the field for the Halftime Show; or, more accurately, the taking the fucking roof. Despite the totally legitimate fears from her staff, Gaga remains confident that… Continue reading How far will Lady Gaga go on Superbowl Sunday?

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Could it be? A Hamilton Inauguration?

[via Blind Gossip] While the media rushes to suggest that no self-respecting performer, marching band, or choir would dare throw their hat in the ring to light up the stage or parade at the Inauguration of Donald Trump, we're slowly learning that this is not true. It has been discovered that the producer of a popular theatrical… Continue reading Could it be? A Hamilton Inauguration?

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 156: Welcome to Earth 2

We're joined by the boys from Philly's The Fight Back Home as we discuss the conspiracy theories of Twitter, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No, the possibility of alien life on Kepler-452B Earth 2: Electric Boogaloo, the critic response to Adam Sandler's Pixels, and the nominations for Video of the Year at the VMAs. We play… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 156: Welcome to Earth 2

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SuperDPS 2012 Grammy Predictions (and Results)

As I try to do for every major awards show, letting a few slip through my fingers, I thought I'd make my educated guesses at who might come out with some big wins. After the passing of Whitney Houston the day prior to the Grammys, I'd imagine she will have a major underlying (and overlying)… Continue reading SuperDPS 2012 Grammy Predictions (and Results)

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What are you laughing at? Main Street Comedy

Compared to the major comedy scenes like New York and Los Angeles, Philadelphia is a bit of a red-headed step child. It gets kicked around, picked on, and still tries its best to rise to notoriety. But good news, my beautiful ginger city--you're well on your way. Under the surface of Philadelphia's strong mainstream Art… Continue reading What are you laughing at? Main Street Comedy