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Prophets of Rage is a Cringe Masterpiece

You may have already forgotten (good for you) that the "rap rock supergroup" Prophets of Rage formed last year featuring most of Rage Against the Machine/AudioSlave, two members of Public Enemy, and B-Real of Cypress Hill. The amalgamation of middle-aged artists who have never written a good song in their 30+ years in the industry (with the possible exception of… Continue reading Prophets of Rage is a Cringe Masterpiece

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Semi-Important Thoughts on Truth and Football

Two unrelated but equally intriguing thoughts have been rattling in my brain over the Thanksgiving holiday. Oddly, it’s taken a fair bit of moving around the procrastinating in my schedule to find the time to formally write them down. While it’s true that the magnitude of my procrastination has reached epic proportions, I am yet… Continue reading Semi-Important Thoughts on Truth and Football

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Soundtrack to the Week (If you care)

Recovery—Eminem: “Fuck my last CD; that shit’s in the trash.” Eminem drops some knowledge in his latest release, reminding us that we fell in love with him for his personality and passion. If you haven’t heard the full album yet, you’ve likely heard the single, Not Afraid; so take your response to that song, multiply… Continue reading Soundtrack to the Week (If you care)

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For an album that's almost two years old, Oracular Spectacular has certainly gotten an attention overload. If I need to explain to you who MGMT are, you probably aren't a music fan. It's strange and somewhat fishy that a band that has literally been around for (literally) about five years, with multiple chart topping hits,… Continue reading–Under New MGMT