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Maybe our relationship with video games isn’t so simple

Every time a seemingly random act of violence occurs, our brains rely on social and cultural clues to bring some sense of reason to what is potentially unreasonable. Our brains, however, have another natural response to contradicting stimuli or irrational behavior; and that's called "cognitive dissonance." Cognitive dissonance occurs when one is aware that something… Continue reading Maybe our relationship with video games isn’t so simple

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Haiti: Beyond Thunderdome

If you've ever had the retarded desire to live in a post-apocalyptic┬ádystopia, why not visit Haiti? I hear it's wonderful this time of year--that is--if you like that sort of thing. By now you're all more-than-aware of the┬ácatastrophic earthquake that rocked Haiti back to, well, let's say on-par with Afghanistan. The people of Haiti are… Continue reading Haiti: Beyond Thunderdome