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A Scintillating Scenario at CPAC 2020

In the midst of the sociopolitical and medical scare of the Chinese Coronavirus, thousands of Conservatives of various age groups convened for the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in DC. It was a fun and, at times, chaotic event, but also happened to be my first time attending, so I thought I’d share the… Continue reading A Scintillating Scenario at CPAC 2020

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Big ideas and bad actors: The death of modernity

It is a dark time. The few remaining American people of kind heart and mind on the political left have lost nearly all common sense and credibility (if they had any to begin with) and we are unable to come together for similar values and goals. How did we get here? Cognitive dissonance within certain… Continue reading Big ideas and bad actors: The death of modernity

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The Centipede’s Dilemma There's something happening; and it goes far beyond a year-long meme war (never forget). A new language has been created, new heroes have emerged, a complete mainstream media world-view has been uncovered and challenged at every turn, and the infighting among new cliques like the Alt-Right and Proud Boys has already begun. Thus begins the "Centipede's… Continue reading The Centipede’s Dilemma

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WikiLeaks and the Unsinkable Hillary Clinton

It's happening. We're exactly three weeks out from what all your friends on Facebook are saying is the most important election we've ever had in the history of having elections! It's not the time to vote your conscience anymore! That was the rhetoric of 2 weeks ago! It's today now! Now you have to vote for Hillary… Continue reading WikiLeaks and the Unsinkable Hillary Clinton

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Life Lessons from Comedian James Adomian

(Stand-up Comedian, James Adomian, is a regular on LA's alternative comedy show, Comedy Death-Ray at the UCB Theater. His voice, along with his comprehensive library of characters and impressions can be heard semi-regularly on Scott Aukerman's podcast: Comedy Death-Ray Radio. His wildly funny and fresh pop satire is what landed him amongst the top ten… Continue reading Life Lessons from Comedian James Adomian

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Beat Kids: The Day of the Balloon Boy

When one makes an effort to travel for vacation, casually keeping up with the news often becomes a secondary notion. I make it my business to try to keep up with current trends and events, but with the cesspool of non-news, celebrity horseshit, and George Takei on the Newlywed Game, I can't reasonably be expected… Continue reading Beat Kids: The Day of the Balloon Boy

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Leave Christian Bale ALONE!!

(...and Why the Entertainment Media is Killing Film.) So the biggest news in the Hollywood sewing circle of course is the Christian Bale tirade. If you are a noble woodland creature and do not know about this, Christian Bale had a huge blowout with a Cinematographer who kept walking by in the middle of the… Continue reading Leave Christian Bale ALONE!!