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The Road to Star Wars: Episode IX

In my last┬áStar Wars-heavy article, I put forth an honest and complete review of┬áThe Last Jedi. I can't fully comprehend the level of hatred the film is getting; but I think it's mainly based on what I referred to as "broken nostalgia" and perhaps a little bit of good ol' fashioned butt-hurt over not getting… Continue reading The Road to Star Wars: Episode IX

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 83.5 “Alex and Charlie Do The Oscars”

In this special half episode of Talking Nerdy, Alex Gross and Charlie Lightning have an intimate Oscar Party, go crazy with Tweets, and talk drunk and nerdy about the Academy Awards. Charlie Lightning challenges Alex in past Oscar Winners, and we reveal the winners and losers on our Oscar bets! Download This Week's Episode HERE… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 83.5 “Alex and Charlie Do The Oscars”

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Christopher Nolan and his INCEPTION

Could we just be honest with ourselves and admit that Inception was a cinematic masterpiece that far-exceeded anything he has done in the past?--and, yes, that does include The Dark Knight. Typically, when a film maker with Nolan's talent and ability creates a picture of this quality, he has shit the proverbial bed. Not so,… Continue reading Christopher Nolan and his INCEPTION

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LOST: About Last Night

Let's start off with a bit of honesty: the finale wasn't what anyone was expecting. Loyal viewers were left confused about what they had just experienced, spiteful towards the show's creators who promised fuckloads of answers and produced practically none; but what we all received was a ending to a six-year journey...and whether you… Continue reading LOST: About Last Night

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LOST, or How Good People Watch Bad Television

Okay, so apparently I can't do jack shit (literally what I do) without hearing about LOST. I haven't heard anyone talk about that giant pile of shit TV show since May, and I liked it. I can deal with hearing about how many dicks any man would suck to be (in) Jack Bauer, because I've… Continue reading LOST, or How Good People Watch Bad Television