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Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 207

Philly problems with theft and targeting white guys in hoodies / The Dave problem / Helen Gym isn't as cool as she thinks / Curtis Jones is an illiterate moron / The Women's March in Philly is off to a rocky start / Philadelphia Burlesque Dancers are super cringe / Celebrities and politics hit a… Continue reading Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 207


What the Fug is Going on with Marvel?!

For a company, now paired with Disney, Marvel seems to be "accidentally" letting a lot slip about the future ("Phase II" & "Phase III") of their multi-million dollar franchise. Oh, right, I should say this now: SPOILER ALERT! As in, what follows may contain SPOILERS, or maybe not. Maybe everyone is wrong and Marvel is… Continue reading What the Fug is Going on with Marvel?!

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There's a disturbingly grim sense of humour pervading throughout writer-director James Gunn's "Super." This stems from the blood and guts which splatter and splash over countless scenes of nutso violence, played both for laughs and for adequate shock value. At times hilarious, at times downright off-putting, this sick method of dark comedy will no doubt… Continue reading Super