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Kavanaugh’s Sports Bar – Limited Long Sleeve

FRONT IMAGE: Kavanaugh's Logo "I liked beer. I still like beer." BACK IMAGE: Full Kavanaugh's ad with sponsor images and locations BUY NOW: CLICK HERE!

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The Death of Kim Kardashian

Before you jump to conclusions and we have another death hoax of Kel Mitchell proportions on our hands; no, Kim Kardashian is very much alive. But she was, according to her spokespersons, tied up and robbed at gunpoint by individuals in Paris dressed as police. Details are slowly developing; however, here's what we "know"... Kim was attacked in… Continue reading The Death of Kim Kardashian

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 155: Appropriating Garbage People

Special guest, Kate Lillo drops by to discuss the latest Comic Con trailers, Garbage People, and dick splits. We take a wonderful journey to Cutlery Corner, and reflect on the highs and lows of cultural appropriation, boycotting Bravo, being a garbage person, and the Chinese. Have fun with this one! It's a doozy! DOWNLOAD THE… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 155: Appropriating Garbage People

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Dress Down Day 39

Bartenders deserve more credit than they ultimately receive. In what other profession does one have to memorize a wide variety of mixes and chemicals, be able to cater to dozens of people at once, measure perfect liquid doses, put up with your inane bullshit...while keeping your credit card neatly snuggled beside her insultingly ginormous tits?