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Space Force 6 (Chapter Excerpt)

THE REAL DOCTOR (Chapter ?) Draft Written by Alex Gross (copyright 2019) Doctor Thomas Fenton wasn’t a real doctor. Not really. He called himself “doctor,” signed documents as “Doctor,” and introduced himself to his second, and third wife as “doctor,” but he wasn’t really a doctor at all. It bothered him of course, that he… Continue reading Space Force 6 (Chapter Excerpt)

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A Dramatic Reading: Lena Dunham VS Amy Schumer Recently, Girls creator and alleged kiddy-diddler Lena Dunham sent out the latest round of her Lenny Newsletter which contained a one-on-one interview with her buddy Amy Schumer. The interview was utter nonsense and did no justice to either party, but in the end, Lena Dunham came out looking the most like an erratic sociopath. So, on the… Continue reading A Dramatic Reading: Lena Dunham VS Amy Schumer