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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 230: Elephant Seals Against Fascism

Superbowl LI and the speculation over Lady Gaga's inevitable Half Time Show disaster / Shamir is back! / Turbo Tax's disturbing Humpty Dumpty commercial / Checking in to He Will Not Divide Us / Frantic NYU Professor goes full-blown-insane / Pocahontas loses a whole crowd in an airport / SNL lampoons Sean Spicer with a mannish Melissa McCarthy / Verne Troyer does an unboxing / Review Brah… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 230: Elephant Seals Against Fascism

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Time to Bunker-Up, Bunkeroos!

With the Election 2016 kinda over, the continuing shit storm of hurt feelings is going strong until the inauguration...THE CLASSIEST SUPER FANTASTIC INAUGURATION ALL TIME--IT WILL MAKE THE INAUGURATION OF ANDREW JACKSON LOOK LIKE A SAD KID’S BIRTHDAY PARTY AT CHUCK E CHEESE!!!! (Sorry for that) But with our first meme President coming to power,… Continue reading Time to Bunker-Up, Bunkeroos!