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Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 19: Christmas in Junkietown

Junkies, drugs and hobo shanties, oh my! A woman cries at quizzo, and pantsless drug addicts are stumbling in the street. Smells like Christmastime in Roxborough! Dunkin Donuts is in trouble, but the Ridge is booming; except, of course, for the Big Mexican Sandwich. Pistachio Girl gets fired from Citizens Bank Park, and the Gaybourhood… Continue reading Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 19: Christmas in Junkietown

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Wasted Talent (of the moment)

from MarkRonsonVEVO. Our morbid fascination with celebrity deaths was once again satiated this weekend with the loss of English singer-songwriter, Amy Winehouse. Her talent was unquestionable, but her death is not particularly a shocking or surprising event. We can't have our tabloid fodder and also expect the celebrities we lead to the slaughter to be… Continue reading Wasted Talent (of the moment)

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Not Wasted Talent (of the moment)

from NakedFamousVEVO. The Naked and Famous certainly fall into the MGMT/Passion Pit/Phoenix mix of music that sounds exactly like them, but if you like that sort of trippy, poppy, dance music, you'll totally love them just as much. Or have we all forgotten what was in before Lady Gaga and LMFAO took over music? On… Continue reading Not Wasted Talent (of the moment)

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The SuperDPS Guide to Conspiracy Theories

From the beginning of time, the mentally unstable have turned healthy skepticism and questioning authority into a madhouse of unpredictable, unprovable, and unimaginably nonsensical theories. The eternal unanswerable question is "Why?" Why would the government fake a moon landing, house alien life forms, cover up the paranormal, or orchestrate a terrorist attack? The reason we… Continue reading The SuperDPS Guide to Conspiracy Theories

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Someone Died, Age 38, in Burbank

Strangers die every day, and if you really think about it, every single one of those individuals was largely insignificant in the big picture--like an insect. Certainly, family members, loved ones--their importance is relative. They mean the world to you when they're alive, and sometimes, mean even more when they're gone. It's an incredible phenomenon.… Continue reading Someone Died, Age 38, in Burbank

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The SuperDPS Guide to Prohibition

Hopefully, we've all had a decent-enough education to know that at one point in American History, the consumption and sale of alcohol was strictly prohibited by the United States government. Fortunately, this occurred at a time in History when our government could learn from their mistakes and push "we fucked up" initiatives after stupid decisions… Continue reading The SuperDPS Guide to Prohibition

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Haiti: Beyond Thunderdome

If you've ever had the retarded desire to live in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, why not visit Haiti? I hear it's wonderful this time of year--that is--if you like that sort of thing. By now you're all more-than-aware of the catastrophic earthquake that rocked Haiti back to, well, let's say on-par with Afghanistan. The people of Haiti are… Continue reading Haiti: Beyond Thunderdome

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It’s high time….

So, fair readers, it's been a while since you've heard from ole Davey. Let's fill you in on what you've missed in the last few weeks or so.... Still unemployed, however, I'm now doing some part time stuff for our very good friends at Derisory Designs, based out of Good Ole Port Richmond.  Cool-ass t-shirts… Continue reading It’s high time….

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Greetings from Gangland, Mexico!

Back in March of 2009, President Obama put plans in motion to shift 500 federal agents to the Mexican border, directing $200 Million in military monies to combat the uncontrollable--and arguably unimaginable--amount of violence directly related to drug trafficking. Their primary concern was to keep the metaphorical Mexican sewage from seeping across the fences. On March… Continue reading Greetings from Gangland, Mexico!

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Porn Girl Amber Chase’s LIFE: Tweeted

Hey you, I’m @AmberChase, and I have a confession…. I love @Twitter, I mean really; I have met so many cool people through Twitter – face to face even, and sometimes more. In fact, I wouldn’t be writing to you cuties if I hadn’t met @SuperDPS through Twitter. I love how it connects me to people,… Continue reading Porn Girl Amber Chase’s LIFE: Tweeted

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The Gay Ol’ Times

It's Summer; and that means it's time to play ball! I'm not a huge sports fan (by which I mean, I'm not really a sports fan at all), but Baseball has always held a special place in my heart. You can watch anyone play it and it's enjoyable (even kids...especially when you're  6-beers deep, yelling… Continue reading The Gay Ol’ Times

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An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President, You probably don't know me. I tried to attend one of your big speeches on your Philadelphia tour. I couldn't get anywhere near you (or a speaker for that matter) and it took me about an hour to realize that the "line to get in" wasn't moving. I know you're a busy… Continue reading An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

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An Open Letter to a Celebrity-Obsessed America

My Dear Celebrity-Obsessed Americans-- Though the whole world (especially the Western One) is crippled by their unhealthy appetite for tabloids and gossip entertainment that belittle and viciously attack the personal lives of those who they all wish that they could be, I can only speak on behalf of like-minded people within my own country (plus,… Continue reading An Open Letter to a Celebrity-Obsessed America

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The War on The War on Drugs

Let me start off by saying that, in general, I think drugs are bad. Not the kind you get from your doctor, I'm not getting all Elron on you here....but recreational drugs. But let's face it. Lots of us do drugs. We drink at night, and have our coffee in the morning. Some of us… Continue reading The War on The War on Drugs

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Thoughts from an Insomniac

I have an appointment tomorrow at Drexel University's Sleep Center (although I realized that both times i heard confirmation voicemails from them, it was for different times...) so I thought I'd highlight (and lowlight) some of the many interesting things involved with not being able to sleep at night (or during the day). about… Continue reading Thoughts from an Insomniac