Cardi B for Congress 2022

A long time ago, you may remember that hip hop superstar, Cardi B (born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar) began to make a "stank" over the reality of her taxable income. Surely, the transition from being a stripper and hustler, allegedly robbing and assaulting clients, to a multi-millionaire rapper, wife and mother was nothing short of a… Continue reading Cardi B for Congress 2022

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The Deleterious Dilemma of Shane Gillis

On September 12, 2019 it was announced that Pennsylvania native Shane Gillis would be joining the 45th season of NBC's Saturday Night Live. The long-running sketch comedy series has seen far better days and is teetering around an all-time-low in ratings and popularity. All the while, Shane Gillis--a writer, comedian and actor in his early… Continue reading The Deleterious Dilemma of Shane Gillis

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Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 203

DOWNLOAD the LATEST EPISODE HERE! or on iTUNES and STITCHER RADIO! Join the Roxborough Always Rants & Sometimes Raves Facebook Group for the inside scoop! #RTR

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Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 202 (Watch above, Listen below) Season 2 of #RTR is back again for a special Thanksgiving show! Alex discusses Philadelphia's corruption scandals and LGBTQ 'issues.' We turn our attention to the bizarre CNN interview with Lavar Ball, Jimmy Kimmel does blackface, and we take a peek into the worlds of Review Brah & V.E.R.N.E. DOWNLOAD… Continue reading Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 202

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Virtue Signaling Has No Home Here

We've all seen those atrocious virtue signaling Hillary Clinton Bandwagon "Hate Has No Home Here" signs, darkening the doorsteps of those desperate to say to their friends, neighbors and colleagues, "I don't know about you, but I'M certainly not a racist." Like many other Democratic strategies, the HHNHH campaign was created by children and transformed into a money-making scheme… Continue reading Virtue Signaling Has No Home Here

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Philly Combats History with SJW Propaganda

Yesterday, a publicly funded organization called Monument Lab unveiled its latest Fall installment at Dilworth Park in Center City Philadelphia. The "monument" is an 800 lb. statue of an afro pick topped with a "Black Power" fist...because a slogan and symbol associated with African American terrorist groups like The Black Panthers is seen by the social… Continue reading Philly Combats History with SJW Propaganda

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 205: Gotta Culturally Appropriate Em All!

Alex goes to Atlantic City to catch Pokemon / Mexican hoverboards / Pokemon Go in the streets / Avoiding the beach / All-girl Ghostbusters bullshit / Post-credits Zuul reveal / Excited for the next Star Wars chapters with Rogue One, Episode VIII, and Rebels / A plague of tiny houses / Amber Rose has a new show / Bring 'Em To Heel… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 205: Gotta Culturally Appropriate Em All!

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The Devil and Mr. Cain (of the Moment)

from JSonline. This is the full version of the interview that contained the 5 minute Herman Cain brain-shart that you will inevitably see somewhere on the internet/TV if you haven't seen it already. Essentially, it's another Republican "Oops" moment where a potential leader of the free world proves his ineptitude and ignorance of any basics… Continue reading The Devil and Mr. Cain (of the Moment)

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God Exists and He’s American

At long last, this country has won a battle in its war for God. We've been heading down the path of evil for so long, it's about time we got back on Jesus's good side (for those of you who don't know, Jesus and God are the same person, except when they're having a conversation).… Continue reading God Exists and He’s American

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ORLY?!: Taitz, Liddy and the Abortion of Birthers

A while back, in April, I covered an archaic and objectively retarded Conservative movement idiotically dubbed "Teabagging." Of course, this term was despised by the actual "Teabaggers" who wished to their non-existent gods that the fine people of FOX NEWS hadn't permanently cemented their spot in history with a title associated with dunking one's scrotum… Continue reading ORLY?!: Taitz, Liddy and the Abortion of Birthers

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Teabagging, as I Understand It

Rapidly sweeping the country like some sort of limbless terrapin is a form of non-violent protest called "Teabagging." Now, I know what you're thinking, but the invaluable mainstream media has assured me that this has absolutely nothing to do with the practice of delicately dunking one's own Chicken McNuggets into the unsuspecting gaping maw of a sleeping companion. Far from… Continue reading Teabagging, as I Understand It

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An Open Letter to Country Star John Rich

Dear Mr. Rich, It may seem odd, and almost awkward, to single you out amongst the perversely immense cacophony of Country Western Superstars and the fine and objectively upstanding, God-Loving American Citizens who enjoy the genre. Let me assure you that my intentions are specific and wholly warranted. While your career has had its ups… Continue reading An Open Letter to Country Star John Rich