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Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 208

It's #MemoDay! The FISA Memo has been released and panic ensues / President The Donald gives his first State of the Union address the the Left is in crisis mode / Throwin' shoes in San Diego / Rose McGowan lets loose on a Transgender fella / Philly City Council create a rap video / Cuck… Continue reading Rox Trash Radio, Ep. 208

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Friday Goob News (10/21): The Triggering Investigation

Welcome back to another super-awesome weekly Goob News! I'm your host, Alex Gross, inviting you to come on this fantastic journey with me every week into the realm of the magically autistic. And what a week it was! We've got Burger King's Brand New MAYOnator, Tommy runs afoul of a North Carolina Denny's, and JXC Studios releases the full version of The Book of… Continue reading Friday Goob News (10/21): The Triggering Investigation

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Does Anyone Remember the McD.L.T.?

We've all made mistakes. Some were more significant and life-changing than others, obviously. But when the fine and upstanding douchebags in the advertising field screw the proverbial pooch when it comes to doing their jobs properly, well, the result is their prompt and inevitable exile from the industry. McDonald's has a long uncomfortable line of shitty campaigns,… Continue reading Does Anyone Remember the McD.L.T.?