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Joe’s Sloppy 2009: Year in Review

I know this is long overdue but it's one of those things that you have to do. Like talk to relatives! 2009 has not been the best year for me. In fact, it was quite possibly the worst. Started out with my grandfather passing away (his funeral being the day right before my birthday), my… Continue reading Joe’s Sloppy 2009: Year in Review

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Celebrity Horseshit: “Nigga Stole My Mic!”

As long as it's a hot topic, let's discuss the actions of Kanye West during the MTV VMA's, shall we? First of all--the actions took place at an award ceremony so ridiculous and unimportant--a locale so prone to spectacle--that its entire title is an acronym. Even in its name, it is screaming, "This is an… Continue reading Celebrity Horseshit: “Nigga Stole My Mic!”

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Coconut Records’ “DAVY”

Hello,  SuperDPS fans. Since this is my first article written for the site, I’d just like to do a quick introduction.  My name is Cole, and I will be providing you with some weekly music reviews.  Some of these reviews will be specifically suggested by Alex or Dave, others will be very relevant (meaning that… Continue reading Coconut Records’ “DAVY”