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Life Lessons from Tita Sin

The First Time I Ever got naked online my whole family passed my photos around (sad but true)! I got over it and continue to nude-up to this day. With the power of a god, I would...HAHAHA you do NOT want to know, let's just say I'd give a few people the inability to speak,… Continue reading Life Lessons from Tita Sin

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The History of Chasing Enid

Some of you may know--and some may not give a shit--that I used to be in a band. It was my band...and I was in full creative control, which led to an inevitable downfall, of course. The concept began early on in High School when we first became interested in playing music. The interest in… Continue reading The History of Chasing Enid

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Celebrity Horseshit: “Nigga Stole My Mic!”

As long as it's a hot topic, let's discuss the actions of Kanye West during the MTV VMA's, shall we? First of all--the actions took place at an award ceremony so ridiculous and unimportant--a locale so prone to spectacle--that its entire title is an acronym. Even in its name, it is screaming, "This is an… Continue reading Celebrity Horseshit: “Nigga Stole My Mic!”

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For an album that's almost two years old, Oracular Spectacular has certainly gotten an attention overload. If I need to explain to you who MGMT are, you probably aren't a music fan. It's strange and somewhat fishy that a band that has literally been around for (literally) about five years, with multiple chart topping hits,… Continue reading–Under New MGMT

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What the Fuck Happened? Actors Turned Musicians

It's no secret that we live in a world of excess. The zeitgeist indicates that we are no longer content in simply being good or even great, we need to be better--do more--even if that means dangerously¬†shoving ourselves past the points of logic, common sense, and personal ability. I'd like to focus, for the sake… Continue reading What the Fuck Happened? Actors Turned Musicians