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Prophets of Rage is a Cringe Masterpiece

You may have already forgotten (good for you) that the "rap rock supergroup" Prophets of Rage formed last year featuring most of Rage Against the Machine/AudioSlave, two members of Public Enemy, and B-Real of Cypress Hill. The amalgamation of middle-aged artists who have never written a good song in their 30+ years in the industry (with the possible exception of… Continue reading Prophets of Rage is a Cringe Masterpiece

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Fascination with Madness: Thoughts on The Weeknd

Admittedly…The Weeknd wasn’t on my radar until reading the Philadelphia Inquirer Music Critic Dan DeLuca’s article on the Canadian singer’s upcoming headlining performance the Sunday of the 2015 Budweiser Made in America Festival.  It was surprising to see an artist (at least in my eyes) so fresh to the music scene headlining a festival with… Continue reading Fascination with Madness: Thoughts on The Weeknd

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Frank Ocean’s Ladder

Since shortly after Channel Orange dropped in 2012, Frank Ocean fans have been restlessly waiting for another scattered, but somehow connected mind-fucking album from the Odd Future artist. He's been featuring with John Mayer, Earl Sweatshirt, Beyonce and more, all the while teasing fans with a 4-year will-he-won't-he story about dropping a new record. Let's put it… Continue reading Frank Ocean’s Ladder

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 49: Yeezus Khrist

In this episode, we bring you more info and debate about XBOX One and PS4, Charlie Lightning's Sports Lightning Round, criticisms of Kanye West's latest album, and reasons why Christian messages through Superman are bonkers. Download HERE or on iTunes!!

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What We’re Listening To (12/5/11)

The Black Keys--El Camino In this Danger Mouse-produced follow-up to "Brothers," The Black Keys seems to be doing something a little different, and that's great. A few people may see this as a complete transgression from their previous work, but I totally dig it. The Black Keys have an eclectic sound which enables them to… Continue reading What We’re Listening To (12/5/11)

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What We’re Listening to (May 2011)

Architecture in Helsinki--Moment Bends Fans of this Australian ensemble have been waiting for this album for what feels like an eternity. Then when it finally dropped, it was so under the radar that it took a whole month for me to check it out. Architecture evolves so quickly it would make a Creationist's head spin.… Continue reading What We’re Listening to (May 2011)

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“Depart From Me”–CAGE

Consider for a moment that just about every human being knows someone who claims to have the capacity to 'rap.' We live for the cringe-worthy moment when this person drinks enough 32oz Smirnoff Ice's that he (or she, but more likely he) decides to prove it. We feel compelled to encourage the poor bastard, while… Continue reading “Depart From Me”–CAGE

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Coconut Records’ “DAVY”

Hello,  SuperDPS fans. Since this is my first article written for the site, I’d just like to do a quick introduction.  My name is Cole, and I will be providing you with some weekly music reviews.  Some of these reviews will be specifically suggested by Alex or Dave, others will be very relevant (meaning that… Continue reading Coconut Records’ “DAVY”