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August 2018 Issue #SailorTwift


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‘Rogue One’ Review: Waiting for Quadinaros

I tried to push off my full review for the latest installment in the hopefully never-ending Star Wars saga. Everyone's posting stupid shit about this movie, and while most people have seen it, I, personally know several who haven't. So--I held off. Until now. You guys are no doubt aware of my feelings for Star Wars at… Continue reading ‘Rogue One’ Review: Waiting for Quadinaros

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Star Wars Goes Rogue

When Disney ripped the Star Wars universe from the cold dead hands of George Lucas, many were afraid of the franchise's future. Those people were wrong. There are plenty of times Disney has made epic and costly mistakes, but they typically come in the form of a John Carter or Lone Ranger. Typically, Disney's misfires are attempts at future… Continue reading Star Wars Goes Rogue