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Space Force 6 (Chapter Excerpt)

THE REAL DOCTOR (Chapter ?) Draft Written by Alex Gross (copyright 2019) Doctor Thomas Fenton wasn’t a real doctor. Not really. He called himself “doctor,” signed documents as “Doctor,” and introduced himself to his second, and third wife as “doctor,” but he wasn’t really a doctor at all. It bothered him of course, that he… Continue reading Space Force 6 (Chapter Excerpt)

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‘Auto Shop’ Director’s Statement

Throughout my career as an independent filmmaker, I've maintained two philosophies: write and produce what you know, and only what you feel you can manage completely autonomously. I've seen many filmmakers--to varying success--bite off far more than they can chew; producing high concept action/horror films for relatively no budget, relying on the "Robert Rodriguez" method… Continue reading ‘Auto Shop’ Director’s Statement

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I’m Not Mad I’m Just Disappointed, Ep. 1

I wasn’t in the mood for typing the whole thing out, so the light bulb went on! I’ll record my thoughts on have them available for you to stream. I discuss the ending of Super Bowl LI, and forgetting things on purpose. Am I right? Am I wrong? You can feel free to tell me… Continue reading I’m Not Mad I’m Just Disappointed, Ep. 1

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The Perkisystem

It’s great fitness and overall healthy lifestyles are becoming more popular, but, people seem to be doing it wrong. Beachbody? Crossfit? Planet Fitness with the tootsie rolls and free pizza? Give me a break! There’s only one answer to a better/healthier life and that is – The Perkisystem! Tony Perkis gives us his plan, which… Continue reading The Perkisystem

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Dear Amazon, Please Keep Every New Show

The Tick has been one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. I grew up with the comics and animated series, loved the FOX live action show with Patrick Warburton (that got sidetracked by the whole 9/11 thing happening), and was excited and terrified when I heard Amazon was hitting the reset button with a new… Continue reading Dear Amazon, Please Keep Every New Show

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Life Lessons from Comedian James Adomian

(Stand-up Comedian, James Adomian, is a regular on LA's alternative comedy show, Comedy Death-Ray at the UCB Theater. His voice, along with his comprehensive library of characters and impressions can be heard semi-regularly on Scott Aukerman's podcast: Comedy Death-Ray Radio. His wildly funny and fresh pop satire is what landed him amongst the top ten… Continue reading Life Lessons from Comedian James Adomian

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Life Lessons from Comedian Scott Aukerman

Stand-up comic, writer, and actor, Scott Aukerman has an impressive resume that ranges from Mr. Show with Bob and David, The Sarah Silverman Program and Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, to penning scripts for Puss in Boots, Run Ronnie Run, and Tenacious D. His most groundbreaking current project, however, is Comedy Death-Ray Radio, which… Continue reading Life Lessons from Comedian Scott Aukerman