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Big ideas and bad actors: The death of modernity

It is a dark time. The few remaining American people of kind heart and mind on the political left have lost nearly all common sense and credibility (if they had any to begin with) and we are unable to come together for similar values and goals. How did we get here? Cognitive dissonance within certain… Continue reading Big ideas and bad actors: The death of modernity

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Sailor Twift MAGAzine: July Issue 2019

At long last, Sailor Twift MAGAzine is back...and just in time for Mid-Summer Madness! Our first cover-story is Lorne Mugawnagoats' exciting new therapeutic and religious exercise: Spiritworkers Angel-Light Healing. She and her mysterious student (prisoner?) treat you to intricate and fascinating demonstrations and explanations of the amazing healing power of metaphysical angel-light. Everybody is raving about Little Breakfast Boy--a middle-aged manchild… Continue reading Sailor Twift MAGAzine: July Issue 2019

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The Wizarding World of Wizard World Philadelphia Perhaps it's because I'm getting older and more prone to daydream about being a father, or maybe my perception of the comic con crowd is actually legitimate, but it seems to me that the annual Wizard World Comic Con event in Philadelphia is becoming increasingly targeted toward children. As it should be. The weekend-long… Continue reading The Wizarding World of Wizard World Philadelphia

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Sailor Twift Magazine #December2018

We Have the TAPES! Review Brah has a Whopper...   Barron is growing...   Pete Davidson on Suicide Watch...   Running Immigrant Memes...   Cardi B's relationship was always a sham...   Sarah Hyland is losing her mind...   Jake Paul is on someone else's Suicide Watch...   TOMMYNC2010 reconnects… Continue reading Sailor Twift Magazine #December2018

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Kavanaugh’s Sports Bar – Limited Long Sleeve

FRONT IMAGE: Kavanaugh's Logo "I liked beer. I still like beer." BACK IMAGE: Full Kavanaugh's ad with sponsor images and locations BUY NOW: CLICK HERE!

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LGBT Pride Gets Babadooked

I've always been against "pride." No singular pride in particular; but unearned pride should have no place in our country. The circumstances of your birth should never be a source of pride. Once you've let your identity politics take the place of actual meaningful accomplishment, all that's left is racial, gender or ethnic hubris that… Continue reading LGBT Pride Gets Babadooked

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Brand New Summer T-Shirts NOW IN STOCK!


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Based Yeezus Comes Home to ‘Daddy’ There's a lot to love here in this seemingly impromptu meeting of President-Elect Donald Trump and too-woke-for-this-planet genius Kanye West. This quick press-invited meet-and-greet comes on the heels of West being released from a mental health facility after confessing his admiration for the Donald and cancelling his tour. It was clear from the brief snapshot we have… Continue reading Based Yeezus Comes Home to ‘Daddy’

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RIP #VMAs 2016

Oh, the MTV Video Music Awards, the end-of-Summer television event that reminds us that artists still perform in front of audiences, and that Kanye West still has shit to say. Last Summer, he announced he'd run for President in 2020. That was fun, right? This year, the show was all about one thing. Well, two things. Rihanna… Continue reading RIP #VMAs 2016

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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 155: Appropriating Garbage People

Special guest, Kate Lillo drops by to discuss the latest Comic Con trailers, Garbage People, and dick splits. We take a wonderful journey to Cutlery Corner, and reflect on the highs and lows of cultural appropriation, boycotting Bravo, being a garbage person, and the Chinese. Have fun with this one! It's a doozy! DOWNLOAD THE… Continue reading Talking Nerdy, Ep. 155: Appropriating Garbage People

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The Truth About “Unfiltered Beauty”

"In a new series of incisive Photoshops, artist Anna Hill uses the image editing techniques that are ubiquitous in mainstream advertising to turn herself into a model. The resulting parody ads don't market make up or clothes, but instead, the image-perfecting power of Photoshop itself." I posted this article on Facebook and did a well-thought… Continue reading The Truth About “Unfiltered Beauty”

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Charlie Lightning’s Disinterested Cosplay at Wizard World 2012

...And that concludes our Wizard World Comic Con adventures in Philadelphia...for this year. And for more from Charles "Charlie Lightning" Lecki, visit his TUMBLR and listen to us every week on SUPER DUDES POWER SHOW: The Podcast.

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The Magic, Mayhem and Mystery of Wizard World Comic Con, Philly

Upon arrival on Thursday, I was impressed with the preparation, expectations and overall scope of the event. Previous Cons would have presented costumed and casually dressed guests with a long and drawn out wait filled with fits of sarcasm, pessimism and an almost palpable malaise. But not this time. Thursday (May 31st) was a "preview… Continue reading The Magic, Mayhem and Mystery of Wizard World Comic Con, Philly

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SuperDPS 2012 Grammy Predictions (and Results)

As I try to do for every major awards show, letting a few slip through my fingers, I thought I'd make my educated guesses at who might come out with some big wins. After the passing of Whitney Houston the day prior to the Grammys, I'd imagine she will have a major underlying (and overlying)… Continue reading SuperDPS 2012 Grammy Predictions (and Results)

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Dress Down Day No. 140

There could be a million explanations for this, and I can only speculate on most of it, but if we can all be adults for a moment, we can lay down some ground rules...Rule number 1: Don't dress your child in anything that even resembles anything related to PENN STATE. Rule number 2: See Rule… Continue reading Dress Down Day No. 140


Dress Down Day No. 138

We all have our weird hobbies, and, for some, those include standing on a Boston street corner pretending to be a coin-operated dancer for tourists and passersby. Once upon a time, a kid stayed inside his room in Boston all the time, not doing this, and he created Facebook and now he wipes his ass… Continue reading Dress Down Day No. 138

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Life Lessons from Alt Pornstar Jiz Lee

I was a good kid, creative, adventurous, lots of time outdoors. I'm from Maui, Hawai`i, and spent most of my time either trodding around upcountry or down at the beaches in Kihei side or Paia. I always had sand in my scalp. Favorite activities involved building elaborate forts and tunnels in the cane grass of… Continue reading Life Lessons from Alt Pornstar Jiz Lee

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Things Men Should Not do

No man shall watch porn with a group of other men. There's nothing creepier than sitting around a bunch of guys watching pornography. There's absolutely no reason to.  No circumstance can ever justify this, it's just wrong. You don't exchange conversations or laughter with other party members, there's no commentary being offered or cheers, just… Continue reading Things Men Should Not do