The Cool, Calm, and Collected Civil War Companion

Communist agitators and revisionist history tend to go quite well together. When people use the tired phrase “those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it”–or some variation of this nonsense–they always fail to realize that the “history” that they’re “remembering” has been retconned and corrupted by the insidious media, elitist corporate and globalist propagandists, and those special demographics which the two previous entities deem as useful idiots.

This weekend in Philadelphia, a barely coherent group of flaccid sycophants calling themselves “Anti-Fascists” attempted to stage a violent blockade against an ethnically diverse men’s fraternity consisting of conservatives, republicans, and libertarians called the Proud Boys who supposedly planned to a march in Center City.

The only problem–the supposed Proud Boy march never happened. That, however, didn’t sufficiently quell the Antifa bloodlust. Someone needed to get hurt, as that is the modus operandi of the left wing foot soldiers. Someone, or something, once beautiful needed be destroyed.


Philadelphia has become a major hub of Antifa activity, perhaps only outdone by the likes of Portland. If there was any doubt that the elitist social justice hoards were bent solely on the destruction of anything beautiful, one must take a look not only at their rank-and-file, but also their so-called “leadership.” Of course, these cultural and political enemies of civilized society claim to be an amorphous entity with no leadership, funding, rules, or structured behavior; a strange assertion to be made by a group who have a flag, uniform, a handbook, seminars, carefully strategized tactics, and publicly organized events. This leadership, while localized across the globe, includes academics, legal benefactors, and politicians in its cabal.

Far be it for simple publications like ours and institutions such as AIRonline to go around naming them; however, it is clear that the most vocal of the politically engrained support for Antifa are among the most economically and influentially powerless. These are mere scapegoats who can, and will, be discarded at will when it becomes convenient to the true benefactors. Feel free to do your own sleuth-work.

Paranoid delusional anemoia and the people who perpetuate it.

For now, we hop back to the case at hand.

Antifa and other barely-capable leftwing militants in Philadelphia on the weekend of September 19, 2020 once again found themselves fighting invisible “fascists.” The black-clad Marxist armies showed up by the hundreds–supposedly–to do battle with individuals they incomprehensibly believe to be…Neo Nazis? While there are likely several locations these trust-fund pederasts could find a dozen or so Neo Nazis in the wild mountains of Pennsylvania, a quiet neighborhood in the middle of Philadelphia seems like an odd place to start the “hunt.”

In reality, the cacophony of parataxic anti-Americans never actually intended to find “Nazis,” and instead settled for the intimidation of a visiting California political journalist called James Klug, and a female reporter working with him.

No description available.

The videos recorded of these events on the streets of my own city should be enough to fill anyone with intoxicating rage; and we’re all starting to get far too comfortable with it. The media continues to report on violence “breaking out” among rival protesting groups even when there is no rival group present. They will report on supposed “infiltrators” within peaceful protests who are responsible for starting violence or destruction; a myopic and self-deluded fantasy to replace the objective reality: there are no peaceful protests.

Indeed, even when a protest does not end in widespread violence or destruction (and that is increasingly rare), the very nature of the protest is anti-peaceful. So-called “peaceful protests” are bursting with chants advocating for NO PEACE, DEAD COPS, DEAD WHITES, BURN IT DOWN, and other unsavory outcomes that only those with the full frontal cerebral misfortune of Phineas Gage could realistically find to be novel or tongue-in-cheek.

These individuals are totally and inherently evil, both in their political motives and in their personal moral philosophies. These cacophonic legions have been all but written out of our history books in favor of “evil fascists,” “racist” lawmen, and Republican politicians who took decisive action throughout history against–according to the legion–peaceful non-violent civilians.

One shouldn’t bother looking into the Bolshevik Revolution, the tactics used, the language used, the symbolism used, nor the warnings from world leaders today against that vile institution once again surfacing its globalist horns from the murky waters.

When they tell you to “never forget” something from history, it usually means that there’s a very concise and specific narrative one is meant to carve into his subconscious. Truly horrifying and indelible events aren’t easily forgotten (unless you fabricate them yourself). Ask any of the 100% of Hollywood actors and New York comedians currently in therapy or on multiple forms of medication.

Bill Russell, a former NBA great and current relic of a time when America was on a slow coast to our current hellscape with clipped brake cables, recently penned an open letter in something called The Players Tribune in which he decried the current state of black inequity and proclaimed it’s just as bad today in America for blacks as it was during the Civil Rights era.

One doesn’t have to do much homework on current events to form the personal revelation that this statement has only two logical conclusions (keeping in mind it is being made by someone who, unlike us damn Millennials, actually lived through the “tumultuous” 1960s). Either Bill Russell is just as delusional and corrupted by insurmountable political rage that blinds him to any true sense of objective reality…or…nearly everything we were taught about justified historical civil unrest, fascist violence, and hate for our fellow men and women in the 20th Century was utter horseshit…just like it is today.

Unless somehow the cool, calm, and collected can take this anecdotal example of a pervasive issue of race-baiting and social engineering facing our nation right now and figure out a pragmatic way of solving the seemingly irreparable divide, we are all going to be in a lot of trouble. Like, Civil War-level trouble.

2020 has been a compounding and exponential strain on our collective sanity; from the political theater of impeachment, to the security theater of COVID-19, to the racial unrest theater of the “Big Floyd” riots, to the loss of property, safety, economic stability, livelihoods and sanity all over the Nation, to the demands for even more political unrest because Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a competent but left-leaning activist Supreme Court Justice died just a little to close to an election…it’s honestly shocking we haven’t seen more hostility in the streets. I suppose the saving grace of having only one side of the political spectrum being dangerously psychopathic is that they tend to oftentimes (literally) just chase cars.

As we move boldly and vociferously into the 2020 Election, one side seems content with winning and staying the course while the other makes terrorist threats, promises to burn our country down, and use all of the “arrows in their quiver” to destroy anything that remains of our Country, Constitution or National Identity.

If the Neo Bolshevists, the race hustlers, the riotous thugs and angry mobs are determined to make sure all of this sociopolitical game theory ends in violence; so be it. But when the fires have all been put out, and the smoke finally clears, the history books will finally show what actually led to the collapse of our Nation.

何かを信じてください。 たとえそれが皆を犠牲にすることを意味するとしても。

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