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The New Cosmopolitics: Will America Ever Come Back From This?

Cosmopolitics is an old, barely-used term that has something to do with separating politics from culture in such a way that irrational and unrealistic ideas can be discussed outside the realm of reality. Essentially, a way for the apolitical “Cosmopolitan” or “Globalist” with no desire to inform themselves in the age of information to talk about sociopolitical issues without the burden of objectivity.

The new Cosmopolitics doesn’t care about gathering information and developing an informed opinion. It’s almost pragmatic in its subjective viral ideology. It’s a type of populism that never bothered to even ask, or care, what its fellow citizens of a supposedly civilized society think, believe, or desire.

We all suffer under this new collectivist Cosmopolitics, because the new version of Cosmopolitics I’m talking about is more aptly defined as “Politics as Fashion.”

Cosmopolitics is branded as Social Justice, Anti-Fascist, Anti-Racism, Anti-Bigotry, togetherness…all of which sound like wonderful things; however, these ideologies are less about action than they are wearing the t-shirt. The action, it seems, is rioting, looting, and destroying everything good in society. The action, it seems, is largely futile because the principles they get so worked up against are inherently false premises.

So, here’s the question…posed by a friend of mine in private: Do you think America will survive this? The “this” in the inquisitive statement is presumably a combination of the COVID-19 scare paired with what is, for all intents and purposes, an International Race Riot fostered by a controversial and ultimately questionable, but realistically probable, act of “police brutality” in Minneapolis.

The answer is yes.

I think we are flexible and malleable as a nation and we will likely return to a countrywide mindset that existed in January 2020 (not ideal, but without the fear of an invisible plague and a visible civilian violent conflict).

The narrative will obviously be written how the powers that be deem appropriate, which will inevitably be:
Coronavirus was a deadly scenario that Trump allowed to happen, and the Democrats in charge saved us all through scientific realism and smart policy decisions.

The George Floyd Protests were overwhelmingly civil and peaceful, but outside agitators created chaos where there otherwise would be none.

That’s what we’re going to hear; along with the notion that the mysterious was already in rapid decline before the protests even started, therefore, no massive outbreak.

America will return to normal, but its history-making events will likely get more extreme; our protests more violent, our political surprises more unprecedented, shocking, and also violent. That’s the “new normal” that our dear Democratic leaders have been pushing us toward.

It’s the future that subcultures and doomsday ‘preppers’ have been ‘prepping’ themselves for for decades.

I, for one, am weary of the “we just need to come together and heal” rhetoric. While we may return to relative normalcy, it’s going to be increasingly harder to “heal” than most people may think.

Perhaps it is this kind of volatile atmosphere that sparks the need for community and religious values…some kind of apolitical peaceful entity that we can all get together around without biting each other’s heads off; like Tiger King but without the severe lack of hope for humanity.

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