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The Deceptive Dystopia of the Wuhan CoronaVirus

The absurdist and hyperbolic response to the Wuhan Kung Flu CoronaVirus is a flamboyant display of post apocalyptic Communist cosplay at best, and a dangerous sociopolitical totalitarian exercise at worst.

If we go back in time just a handful of weeks, you may recall that once it became clear that the COVID-19 virus—which supposedly transferred from lab bats to the humans who chose to eat them—was destined to creep outside of Chinese borders, conservative media outlets and the President of the United States began to take it seriously. There was a call to close travel to and from China which was immediately called racist, xenophobic, irrational and overblown by left wing media outlets like CNN and MSNBC, among others.

The word of the day became “hygiene.” Medical professionals and sensible people told the public to self-quarantine if they feel feverish and have shortness of breath, wash their hands, and behave as you would during Flu Season, but with elevated awareness.

The media laughed this off as paranoia. The self-proclaimed medical experts on Facebook played off the concern as nonsense and claimed it was no different than the common cold, or typical influenza.

Now, months later into the global knowledge of the pandemic (which the WHO had only recently declared for transparently political reasons), President Trump has told the nation that we need to be concerned and cautious, but not to panic; that we will get through this as long as we are responsible, practice cleanliness, and stay home if we feel sick.

This common sense and level-headed approach by the President could not stand, of course. Democratic Governors and Mayors across the board began caving to the hysteria and demands of the pseudo-intellectual academic constituency. The collective Munchausen Syndrome-induced panic along with the politically antagonistic media created a rationale for these Governors, like Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf, to shut down entire local economies while being cheered on by Social Media Communists.

Easily manipulated and convinced by the “Experts” and talking heads on mainstream media and the Joe Rogan podcast, these people take the information they deem relevant through their own confirmation bias, and ignore the underlying message. If they “Experts” say “it’s serious,” they take that to mean that it justifies any means of social control. And it’s the social control that they crave most.

It comes as no surprise that the most vocal and aggressive people throughout social media who advocate for a complete and total subservience to “Experts in the Government” are also outspoken supporters of Democratic Socialism (read: Communism).

It is no coincidence that the individuals who want to remove your personal liberties, transfer all business, medicine, education and recreation into government hands, and regulate what you can do/where you can go, are the biggest proponents of shutdowns, curfews, and what they’ve dubbed “social isolation.”

They overuse newly realized terms like “flatten the curve” to excuse abrupt, pointless, and transparently anti-social government action while misusing terms like “social distancing” for their own disingenuous aims which they disguise as “harm reduction.”

The elitist Bolshevist cosplayers are taking this moderate health concern and blowing it up to the proportions of a chemical terrorist attack. They are doing so in order to get a gullible and submissive population to fold to government power. If the Democratic Socialists can get you to bend the knee for this, they’ll be able to convince you to euthanize your pets in the event of an actual biohazard.

The end game is to strip from you any humanity and independence you had left. This is their opportunity to test their strength.

It is a massive relief to go out into the world and see people brazenly sitting in bars and restaurants as if nothing has changed; while subsequently being a bit more conscious about washing their hands, using sanitizer, and coughing into their arms. This is how we are meant to react. This is how the actual medical experts are telling us to behave. But we are defiant and we will flex our independence even (and especially) when we are warned that doing so may be at our own peril.

Universally there are 3 rules that medical experts have repeated in terms of how to deal with CoronaVirus: Wash your hands, Stay home if you’re sick, be cautious of the elderly and those with weak immune systems.

Don’t go to the hospital seeking COVID-19 tests. You don’t need one. And you won’t get one unless you’ve got a fever of over 99.6 degrees and a bad cough/shortness of breath. And you still won’t get one unless you’re first tested for Influenza. And unless you’re an octogenarian or have a weak immune system, you’ll be fine in a few days.

The government and media hysteria is meant to weaken your resolve and to create reliance on your friendly government experts. It is the kind of nightmare scenario of big government authoritarianism warned against in every Orwellian work of dystopian fiction.

They close the schools but encourage kids to gather in the schools for meals and recreation. They close local businesses but make no effort to keep people from crowding public transportation.

Why? Because they need to appear to enact passive progressive concern while not giving up any power toward their political agenda. They can’t keep children from relying on the government for their meals. They can’t ruin years of pushing for you to sell your car and now warn against public transportation.

So the sheep in government don the clothes of wolves while stripping you of all autonomy bit by bit. When they hit a wall of public acceptance, they will turn around and declare themselves the saviors of the world. And you’ll forget what they’ve done, and won’t see it as invasive when they do it again.

By this time next year, this apocalyptic play-date will be seen as a joke. We’ll laugh about how serious we all were; wondering what we were all so afraid of. We won’t retain our consciousness about cleanliness and hygiene; and certainly won’t encourage it amongst the poor and minority populations out of fear of being seen as racially insensitive.

As we’re lulled into a false sense of security and pacification, the Bolshevist “Democratic Socialists” will continue to take control of our major economic and social arteries until they effectively control the lives of the greatest number of American Citizens.

Then, they will limit our reproduction, kill our pets, constrain our health care and economic choices, and remove any sense of individualism and self-identity we have left. All the while, we’ll recall how funny it was how the media and government manipulated one of the largest and most destructive panics…until the next one.

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