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“Dangerous weeds” overtake Cook Wissahickon School

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PHILADELPHIA–Public elementary school in the Wissahickon section of Philadelphia brands their weed-infested lot as a “meadow,” Neighbors claim.

While the excuse given seems to be that the overgrown and underserved corner lot, slowly overtaking the school’s sign, is a beautiful garden and haven for local wildlife, the reality of the situation is that the weeds have become too unruly for volunteers to maintain, so the excuses have become dominant.

Several locals have pointed out that if this type of overgrowth was on private property as opposed to public grounds, it would be fined and condemned by the city; however, other neighbors take pride in the manifestation of liberal pride in the slow degradation of city property.

When questioned about the state of the school, one anonymous Roxborough/Wissahickon local said, “When the landscape begins to look abandoned, people begin to vandalize the playground, and then it becomes a breeding ground for crime. It’s really only a matter of time unless something is done soon. But I’m not holding my breath.”

The most common excuse used for the lack of property maintenance is that the unkempt grounds double as a science project for the students of the school; although many remain skeptical considering the school’s below-average ratings for literacy and math.

Perhaps the students should be able to read before they begin attempting to study the behavioral patterns of Finches and the inevitable hardships of dealing with Lyme Disease.

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5 thoughts on ““Dangerous weeds” overtake Cook Wissahickon School”

  1. This is the difference between manacured lawns and a healthy ecosystem. The “weeds” are native flowers and warm season grasses that are vital for pollinators.

  2. Yeah that’s a very eloquent way of saying “we aren’t going to bother mowing our lawn.”

    I guess if your kitchen were full of roaches and ants you could say “these are native creatures, healthy for completing an ecosystem”

  3. This is a good learning experience for children to learn how to help keep our bees around. Yes, everyone may not like it bit when the wildflowers all bloom it looks marvelous. Yes, I am a neighbor also.

  4. I’ve never seen bees around that weed infested lot. But they could plant a lot of things that would produce bees and not ticks. You’ve seen it right? It’s just overgrown weeds crashing against a fence. It’s the same “meadow” as the vacant lot next to Wawa.
    If the neighbors can’t contain and cultivate it, they need to force the city to do something about it.

    Kids can learn about Lyme’s Disease next.

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