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Is Harvey Weinstein the Iceberg…or Just the Tip?

1In the past week, we’ve seen a very carefully orchestrated and targeted media campaign to officially sink the often-accused and decades-long-known serial Hollywood Creep, Harvey Weinstein.

There isn’t much to explain that articles from The New YorkerNew York Times, etc haven’t already covered; but these allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior (to say the least) have been going on publicly for years and years. Finally, the ramp-up and exposing of these alleged incidents have reached a fever pitch and the White Whale has been harpooned.

What comes next is anyone’s guess. With Weinstein’s firing, one of the most powerful (if not, the most powerful) men in show business is out of commission. But, is this where it ends? It conjures up a conversation from everyone’s favorite Star Wars film: The Phantom Menace…

Years ago, former child-star and current kinda-star, Corey Feldman alleged a bigger problem pervasive in Hollywood…bigger than creepy producers and casting couch massages: an ever-present, ubiquitous ring of pedophilia.

Does Harvey Weinstein play into a larger Hollywood cover-up, or was he simply deemed inconvenient to keep around?

Uncertain, the boy’s future is.



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