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White people don’t get to have a history

In the latest “revisionist history” news, Vice has interviewed a couple of art historians about the possibility of ancient Roman statues having been painted back in the day. A study which, on its own, would be at least vaguely interesting, turned into a new accusation of “whitewashing” history through nothing other than…white stone.

Yes, that’s right. The “experts” are claiming here that the marble material itself is responsible for creating the impression that ancient Europeans were…get this…white people!

According to these rockstar art historians, it turns out that people from an ancient Mediterranean area and surrounding European geography were, in fact, not the color of alabaster ghosts (or grey stone-people), but actually had more of a pinkish tan to their skin…much like, say, modern 2017 white people. Fascinating.

I’m glad that we’ve finally gotten to the bottom of this massive historical “whitewashing” and come to the conclusion that the leaders of the Ancient Roman Empire were–contrary to popular belief–not albino.

Thanks, ViceAnd thank you, Art Institute of Chicago.


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