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A Portrait of the Artist as a Creepy Old Man

Alex Gross--Xander BerkeleyIn a bittersweet turn of events, it appears that we have reached the end of the line for our long-running hashtag game: #XanderBerkeleyFriday

For me, this relationship with recognizable character actor Xander Berkeley ended just about the time Donald Trump became president; but the online community that Sailor Twift had created surrounding the actor was still growing. Our hashtag games on Twitter paired with the revelation of his small role in AMC’s The Walking Dead (as “Gregory”) truly grew the actor’s fandom (or STANdom) on social media.

The most relevant bit of information here is that a vast majority of these new social media fans seemed to be women.

If you don’t know who Xander Berkeley is, we understand. He’s more of a face than a name. He was the non-Gary Oldman villain in Air Force One; John Connor’s step-father in Terminator 2: Judgement Day; and appeared in various television programs from 24 to Being Human to The Walking Dead.

My relationship with him began as part of our #XanderBerkeleyFriday hashtag games. We would create and share funny and esoteric images/gifs from his various films and appearances and he would, on occasion, chime in with a comment or an interesting fact about filming a particular scene. It was all in good fun…until it became personal.

Berkeley, since adding me as a “friend” on social media, began getting into intense derisive, angsty, and hate-fueled debates with me on Twitter. I say “debates” but it was more like abusively chastising me about my tempered (at the time) support for then-candidate Donald Trump. He seemed disgusted by any positivity toward Trump in the form of unadulterated rage; a personality trait that seems to be all-too-common in supporters of Bernie Sanders these days.

He made many bold and untrue claims about my character, which he appears to be continuing to this day (from what I’ve heard). Eventually I stopped arguing or caring what he had to say. It became clear that it wasn’t moving the needle for me to care what some elitist, practically unknown actor had to say.

Had he not blocked me on all social media directly after the election of Donald Trump, I may have been able to obtain some explanation from him other than the screen shots I was sent. I still have saved Twitter convos with the man, regardless, but it would seem like overkill (not to mention time-consuming) to post them here today.

But–this particular #XanderBerkeleyFriday, I awoke to news that he had allegedly been courting and sweet-talking some of his young lady fans. All of this information came to me via the female fans that had been his most eager audience over the past year (or so).

Friday, a Twitter user by the name of @CarlGallaghr dropped this video bombshell allegedly outlining her long conversational and controversial history with married-guy, Xander Berkeley:

The “video proof” was used to absolve the user of any accusations that they (She? Supposedly a 19 y/o woman) were making up the events and the screen shots below:

Possibly the most crude/hilarious aspects of this alleged conversation involve Xander Berkeley being suave and poetic, and then turning right around and saying things like this:

Photo Jul 07, 9 24 18 AM

#DatBodaciousness. I would later hear from another source (who I’ll keep Anonymous) that he allegedly felt a deep sense of jealousy(?) and concern over his fellow actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who plays the villainous, but cool, Negan on The Walking Dead). In the message below, Berkeley allegedly explains out his frustration with the character, ire toward President Donald Trump, and financial concerns:

“I must confess that I am feeling extremely vulnerable about the JDM comparisons and it’s bringin up a whole lotta stuff for me. Everybody on the show is cleaning up at these cons making boat loads of dough JDM probably made 70k this past weekend and I barely cleared 5. Nobody wants Gregory’s autograph bc he’s a douche. They’ll elect one for president but they don want one on TWD. AMC pays shit knowing people make so much at the cons. But here I am because I willingly sacrifice my vanity to play an uncool character and hence am the only one with no lines. And the idea of making a brutal thug killer all sexy and cool and hip is disgusting and reprehensible to me on top of it. I honestly believe it actively encourages bullying and could easily end up incentivizing copycat violence and murder. So I have strong feelings. Ring demoralized at the cons (London by far my best) all meet and greets no paid signings no respect or interest in my past body of work, and the worst year for me financially in 17 years since joining the #1 rated show in the world. So if I distance myself from team Negan people or leave twitter bc if put downs from people who can’t distinguish between me and my character I want you to understand where it comes from.”

And, thus, we have what would appear to be an intriguingly cringe portrait of an actor as an old man.

EDIT: As of the time of this writing, there is no information, nor speculation, of any criminal acts committed by Mr. Berkeley; and no comment about his future with The Walking Dead.


8 thoughts on “A Portrait of the Artist as a Creepy Old Man”

  1. That is pathetic. You have no proof and the girl has already changed her story due to the fact the unedited posts have come out. The man is a gentleman. You shouldn’t slander someone when you don’t know the facts. Funny how “this happened to you too” but you never said a thing til now. Just like she hollered harassment but declined to call authorities.

  2. The proof is literally ALL in the article. I never said she was being harassed. I never even said she was a 19 y/o girl. I said he’s a narcissistic lunatic. He’s not a gentleman. It’s not slander. You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about. She didn’t holler harassment.
    You didn’t read the article.
    Why would I announce to the world that some Z-List old nobody actor called me a racist pig? Doesn’t do a lot for me, does it?
    Use your head, dipshit.

  3. Just to let you know – the phrase is “wont to do”, not “want to do”.

    Xander Berkeley is a whiny narcissist to be sure. Claiming he was “entrapped” by a teenager? Because 61-year-old men are utterly helpless and unable to make their own choices, of course. It’s always the fault of conniving females when men like him screw up, at least according to them. And now complaining about JDM being more popular than him? It’s like he’s trying to get fired.

    But he was right about one thing: only an idiot would support Trump.

  4. @A True TWD Fan: You are completely delusional, LOL.

    One, she did NOT change her story even once – SHE is the one who released the unedited texts! They “came out” because she posted them. Look at you making bs up to support your fantasies.

    Two, a “gentleman” who is married does NOT repeatedly try to get teenagers to send him nude pictures of themselves, announce he wants to spank said teenager, or tell them his wife is “cold” and he is tempted to cheat on her. I don’t know what you think a “gentleman” is, but that ain’t it. He is a 61-year-old man and fully capable of not replying to a teenager if she’s being inappropriate, but he didn’t.

    Three, at NO time did the teenager in question ever claim she was “harassed” or that Xander had broken the law. Never. Why would she “go to the police” when he did nothing illegal? What he did was creepy, gross and sleazy, but not illegal.

    I am guessing you are that nutcase ‘Inessa’ who has been sending hundreds of tweets to all the men on the TWD cast begging them all to fuck her for the past year and acting like she has a personal relationship with them all. The hilarious part is all those men (Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus and Xander Berkeley) are all liberal Democrats who hate Trump, and ‘Inessa” carries on all the time about how much she hates all liberals and loves Trump, lol.

  5. LOL, no I meant I think “A True TWD Fan” is Inessa. The hysteria over anyone criticizing Xander Berkeley – one of the ‘Walking Dead’ men Inessa is always tweeting to and begging to have sex with her – sounds exactly like Inessa’s. Girl is completely crazy – check out the tweets she sent to the teenager Xander was sending the DMs to, calling her a slut and worse.

  6. Oooh no I didnt see any of that. If you have any interesting screen grabs of this, send them my way (…I’m blocked by Xander (and I think he set his entire Twitter to private). I don’t troll those TWD community things, so I don’t know who Inessa is.

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