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Based Yeezus Comes Home to ‘Daddy’

There’s a lot to love here in this seemingly impromptu meeting of President-Elect Donald Trump and too-woke-for-this-planet genius Kanye West. This quick press-invited meet-and-greet comes on the heels of West being released from a mental health facility after confessing his admiration for the Donald and cancelling his tour.

It was clear from the brief snapshot we have from this meeting that Yeezus was not there to talk to the Press, nor was he there to accept a position in Trump’s growing Cabinet…but I can only hold out hope that it represents an opening of discussions about West performing at the January inauguration (please, god, please).

Also–can we stop with the bullshit about how this is the craziest fucking thing you’ve ever seen? You sat through 8-years of a president who invited, not just KIM AND KANYE, but conspiracy theorists, rappers, 9/11-Truth fucktards…and uninvited guests…into the White House. So, can we fucking relax?

‘Member when you were all full of shit? I ‘member.

And stop saying “Kanye doesn’t speak for the black community” because he probably does more than most…certainly more than people like Shaun fucking King..but honestly, who would want to? Who wants to speak for any community?

You’ll recognize my BFF, Cucklemore from the MTVs.

And lastly, the media really needs to stop saying “Kanye West SPOTTED at TRUMP TOWER.” The word ‘spotted’ implies that they weren’t specifically notified of this meeting and had literally 10 seconds to scramble for cameras first thing in the morning.

Some people are excited by this meet-up; offering speculation about possible outcomes.

Some people are dopey fake news cunts who either believe Presidents never meet celebrities, or they’re just flat out full of absolute shit.

And others seem to be more into the potential for limitless memes. But hey, as long as the three things aren’t mutually exclusive…right?


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