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Talking Nerdy, Ep. 197: Standies and Sitties


Dan sees the Nice Guys / Alex discovers the mad genius of Rod Serling / Can we build a Spider-Man franchise? Yes we can! / Thor inherits a Hulk / Star Wars overload / Star Trek gets good / Maybe Ghostbusters haters just don’t like Leslie Jones / Neighbors 2 raises the dead / Dan Mansplains #Supernatural Tweets From Girls on Twitter / Joe challenges Dan to a Supernatural finale Mansplain-Off / Game of Joes: Khaleesi Rising / Will Preacher live up to the hype and the fanbase? / Another Robert Kirkman property heads to TV / Rocky Horror stinks / Network television previews including “Breaking Dan” / Huffington Post enrages Black Twitter / Bill DeBlasio creates the slipperiest of slopes: enforcing language / Boys are having periods? / Tourettes Guy has a pop culture revival 12 years in the making.


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–Follow today’s crew:  @NerdyPodcast@Dan_SuperDPS, and@JoeyHAHAs



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