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Live Tweets from the 70th Annual Golden Globes

We didn’t bother to cover the 2013 70th Annual Golden Globes in our traditional method of hits and misses this year. Rather, I took to Twitter in order to communicate with all of you who were watching the same event and arbitrarily comment about what we were all watching unfold. Here are the highlights that I saw fit to mention, enjoy!

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Al Roker seems to be doing well at the Golden Globes. #noaccidents

The question on all the red carpet interviewers minds seems to be “Are you happy to be here?” #goldenglobes

“Speaking of a new release, you’ve got a brand new baby.” Al Roker (human) #shithispants

It’s nice to see Kate Hudson doing something. #goldenglobes

Hayden Panettiere robbed again by someone who can act. Congrats to Christoph Waltz #goldenglobes

Julianne Moore walking back out paired with a weird cut away to Amy Poehler broke the #GoldenGlobes

Thank god for the #GoldenGlobes. Where else would I be able to see people like Martin Scorsese along side people like Leonardo DiCaprio?!

What the hell just happened? Paul Rudd gets on stage and the #GoldenGlobes shit the bed? #notAlRoker

I missed Bill Clinton?! I waited 20 years for this! #goldenglobes

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig have certainly been on stage for too long. #goldenglobes

“That’s awesome.”–Taylor Swift when Jennifer Laurence won #GoldenGlobes #wellsaid

Bill Murray is a crazy person. #goldenglobes

Toby Jones seems to only get nominated for things when he’s in sub-par versions of other movies. #goldenglobes

Nicole Kidman looks happily secure in the fact that she’ll never win anything ever again. #goldenglobes

The little kid in the front row is getting antsy. Time to wrap it up, Hathaway! #goldenglobes

The puzzled looks during Quentin Tarantino’s speech make this whole business worth watching. #goldenglobes

How many times did the director of “Brave” say the word “brave” when he won for his movie, “Brave”? #goldenglobes

Didn’t Jodie Foster already come out of the closet in 2007?? #goldenglobes

Glad Chris Tucker approves of Les Miserables’ victory. #goldenglobes #ischristuckerstillanactor

No comment either way about any of the #GoldenGlobes winners. But I’m glad DDL won best actor cause I don’t want…

I never thought a movie that featured Russell Crowe singing would win anything. Ever. #goldenglobes

That Ben Affleck–He’s got it all. It’s just a shame he’s married to Jennifer Garner. #goldenglobes #argo

When was the last time John Goodman was on a stage taking credit for an award win? Flintstones movie? #goldenglobes

I’m glad that even though the #GoldenGlobes had to come to a quick close, Amy Poehler was able to sneak in one last gay joke.

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