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The Devil and Mr. Cain (of the Moment)

from JSonline. This is the full version of the interview that contained the 5 minute Herman Cain brain-shart that you will inevitably see somewhere on the internet/TV if you haven’t seen it already. Essentially, it’s another Republican “Oops” moment where a potential leader of the free world proves his ineptitude and ignorance of any basics of recent politics. While President Obama should be comfortable in the knowledge that the likelihood of any of the current Republican candidates winning in 2012 is about as likely as Marcus Bachmann publicly declaring his love of pussy, he isn’t completely out of the line of fire. The opposition will come from all angles like Marcus Bachmann at a Men’s “Spa.” As I’ve said before, we can laugh at these constant and painful Republican gaffs, but when we turn on FOX News or read any Conservative poll, these people are well-represented. They won’t go down without a fight, and in the next several months, we will have a very real Republican contender out of this cave full of batshit. Scary thought.

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